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Getting Started with Wave 2

Embr Wave 2 Quickstart Guide

Need instructions for getting started with your Wave 2? View or download the Quickstart Guide here!. View and Download:.

I'm not feeling cooler/warmer. Tips to try if you think your Wave 2 isn't feeling effective.

Many of our users tell us it can take a few days or even weeks before their bodies get used to the Wave, and that the Wave becomes more effective over time the more they use it! If you're starting out with your Wave and don't feel like it's helping y

How do I connect my Wave 2 to the app?

When you first install the Wave 2 app, you'll be taken through a setup process that shows you how to connect your Wave to the app over Bluetooth. You can also use Add/Remove Device in Settings to connect a Wave after setup. To connect your Wave 2 to

How do I charge Wave 2?

Your Wave 2 comes with a magnetic charging base and a USB-C cable. To set up your charger, plug one end of the cable into the charging base and the other end into a USB port or wall plug (not provided). To charge your Wave 2, loosen the strap or undo

How do I wear my Wave 2?

Do you wear Embr Wave on the top or on the inside of the wrist?   During cooling or warming sessions, we recommend wearing your Wave on the inside of your wrist to maximize the effect. The inside of your wrist is more sensitive to temperature chan

How do I start warming or cooling with my Wave 2?

There are a few ways to start warming or cooling!. Press either button once to wake up your Wave, and then press the dotted or blank button once to start your session. (Another way to say it is double-press the dotted or blank button to start a sessi

How do I adjust the temperature using the buttons on my Wave 2?

During cooling or warming, you can adjust the temperature level up or down anytime. There are a total of 9 adjustment levels possible. These are marked as levels 1-5 if you're looking at the temperature level in the app. During a cooling session, the

How do I turn off my Wave 2 or manually stop a warming or cooling session?

To manually turn off your Wave device, press and hold either button for about one second to turn your Wave off. The LED will briefly flash white and then turn off. Press either button to wake up your Wave again and start warming or cooling.

Is there a way to dim the lights on the Wave 2? Can I turn the lights off?

If you find that the lights of your Wave 2 are a bit too bright, you can dim them or turn the lights off entirely. Tip: If you frequently use your Wave while sleeping, we like the Discreet setting! When your Wave is set to Discreet, it will light up

How do I check my Wave 2 battery status?

You can check and keep track of your battery status in the Wave 2 app! You can find the battery status in the top right corner of the home screen:. .

Can I disable or turn off warming or cooling entirely on my Wave 2? Can I set my Wave to Cooling Only or Warming Only?

Yes, you can set your Wave to Cooling Only or Warming Only in the app! The way to do this is by using Session Presets. No matter what session presets you have assigned to your Wave's buttons, you can always use the buttons to adjust the temperature l