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How do I install the Comfort Case on my Embr Wave 2?Updated a year ago

The Comfort Case is designed to fit your Wave snugly and securely, but it's also simple to snap on and off! 

There are three cutouts on the case. They line up with the band (top and bottom) and the buttons on the side of your Wave. 

  1. Position your Wave so that the buttons are facing right. In this orientation, the case will have matching cutouts on the top, right, and bottom sides.
  2. Line the top cutout with the band on the top of your Wave and attach on this side.
  3. Then pull the case down so it snaps over the bottom of your Wave.
  4. Adjust as needed if the case is crooked or covering the side LED.

To remove, lift up on one side of the case and pull.

The Comfort Case is made of materials that won't scratch or damage your Wave, so don't worry if you're not perfect the first time. It might also sound a little bit louder than you were expecting when the case snaps into place. That's just the sound of a secure fit! Listen in the video below:

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