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How do I start warming or cooling with my Wave 2?Updated a year ago

There are a few ways to start warming or cooling!

Start using the buttons on the Wave

Press either button once to wake up your Wave, and then press the dotted or blank button once to start your session. (Another way to say it is double-press the dotted or blank button to start a session. You're doing the same thing as above—pressing once to wake up and once to start cooling or warming—you're just not pausing in between the button presses!)

By default, the dotted button is set to Default Cooling (10 min) and the blank button is set to Default Warming (10 min).


You can reassign different sessions to each button using session presets. Here's how

If you set up your presets, then you can go directly to your favorite session the same way, without needing to get out your phone! For example, if you have assigned Fall Asleep Cool to your dotted button and want to run a Fall Asleep Cool session before bedtime, 

  1. Press either button once to wake up your Wave.
  2. Press the dotted button once to start Fall Asleep Cool.


Start from Explore Sessions in the app

  1. From the Feel screen, tap on any section (Comfort, Hot Flashes, Stress, Sleep) to view the available cooling or warming session options.
  2. Tap on the session you'd like to try.
  3. Set the duration and temperature level.
  4. Tap Start Session.

Tip: You'll now be able to find this session with its current settings in your Last Used section!


Start from Last Used sessions in the app

  1. From the Feel screen, tap on a session card in the Last Used section at the top of the screen.
  2. There's no Step 2! Your Wave will immediately start cooling or warming at those settings. 

For example, if I used a Hot Flash Relief session set to 3 minutes at level 4.5, I can find that session card under Last Used. Then I can tap that card once to start a Hot Flash Relief session at those settings (3 min, level 4.5).

Tip: If you rename a session that has your preferred settings, it will be easier to find in your Last Used menu!






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