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How do I wear my Wave 2?Updated a year ago

Do you wear Embr Wave on the top or on the inside of the wrist?
During cooling or warming sessions, we recommend wearing your Wave on the inside of your wrist to maximize the effect. The inside of your wrist is more sensitive to temperature changes because it contains more thermoreceptors. If you feel like cooling or warming is too strong, you can move your Wave so that it's resting on the outside of your wrist. 
We also recommend wearing the Wave about an inch or so down from your hand, so that your hand won't touch the top or sides of the Wave as you bend and move. Your hot and cold thermoreceptors are not evenly distributed, so you might find there are some spots on your inner wrist/forearm that are more sensitive than others, or you might find one arm is more sensitive than the other (sometimes very noticeably so). Don't be afraid to test different spots on your wrist/arm to determine what works best for you! 
If you're not in the middle of a cooling or warming session, feel free to wear your Wave on the outside of your wrist if that's more comfortable. You'll still feel the temperature sensations, but they probably won't feel as strong compared to the inside of your wrist.
You can easily swap your Wave from one side of your wrist to the other by loosening the band and rotating it.
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