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I'm having trouble connecting my Wave 2 to the appUpdated 5 months ago

This troubleshooting article is for Wave 2. Click here to get help connecting your Wave 1.

If you're not able to connect your Wave 2 device to the Wave 2 app, here are a few things to check:

  • Did you press the dotted button?  When you first take your Wave 2 out of the box, press the dotted button. If you don't see the white light come on, you may need to charge your Wave before using it. From there, check out the following directions to get connected.
  • Is your Wave 2 near the device you're trying to connect it to? If they're too far apart, they may have trouble finding each other. We recommend having both your Wave and your smartphone/tablet in front of you when trying to connect.
  • Is Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone? Bluetooth is required to allow your phone and Wave to talk to each other.
  • Did you accept Bluetooth and location services permissions in the app when you first logged in? As mentioned above, Bluetooth is required for your Wave to connect to the app. Similarly, location services help the app lock into the device's Bluetooth connection. If not, you can go into your phone settings to enable Bluetooth permissions.
    • For Android users, you should also check to make sure your phone location services are enabled. 
  • Does your Wave 2 need to be charged? Your Wave may have a harder time connecting over Bluetooth if the battery is too low. 
    • Place your Wave 2 onto the provided charger to let it power up.
    • You should see a green glowing light while your Wave is charging. The light will turn solid green when it reaches a full charge, which usually takes about 2 hours.
    • Remove your Wave from the charger and open the Wave 2 app.
    • Navigate to the Feel tab, and press the ‘Connect’ button. 
  • Does your Bluetooth pairing need to be reset? If you still can’t get connected, follow these steps:
    • Go to your phone's Bluetooth settings and "forget" the Wave 2
    • Then go back to the Wave 2 app and press and hold the dotted button until you see a white glowing light (approx. 5-6 second)
    • From there you will need to navigate to the Settings tab and select “Add/Remove Device”, then look for a button that says “Add Device”. 
    • Accept the pairing confirmation and follow the instructions on the screen to try connecting your Wave again.

If you've connected your Wave 2 to your phone previously but are being prompted to 'Connect' every time you open the app, try the steps listed here.

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