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Wave 2

Video: How to reset your Wave 2

Are you having an problems with your Wave 2 that troubleshooting hasn't been able to help? You can try resetting your Wave back to the original factory settings. Take a look at this quick video or follow the steps below:. PLEASE NOTE: If you reset yo

How to send a mobile support email

Need to send us an app from your Wave 2 mobile app? Here's how:

I'm having trouble connecting my Wave 2 to the app

This troubleshooting article is for Wave 2. Click here to get help connecting your Wave 1. If you're not able to connect your Wave 2 device to the Wave 2 app, here are a few things to try:. We also suggest making sure the following steps are checked

My Wave 2 won’t auto-connect when I open the app

After connecting your Wave 2 to your smartphone during setup, you may occasionally be prompted to tap Connect when you open the app to re-establish the Bluetooth connection. Most of the time, though, the app should automatically connect you within a

My Wave 2 isn't charging

It should typically take about 2 hours for your Wave 2 to reach full power when placed on the provided charger. If you’ve noticed your Wave has been charging for much longer than 2 hours and the green indicator light still hasn’t turned solid green,

The light of my Wave 2 flashes red three times

Did you turn on your Wave 2 to start a session and you saw a red light flash three times? Your Wave is letting you know that the battery is low and will require a charge soon!. You can probably get a 10-minute session out of it before the battery is

My Wave 2 has a constant glowing red light

Were you using your Wave 2 or trying to turn it on for a session and you see a constant glowing red light?. Your Wave is letting you know that the battery is too low to start a session! That steady red light is an indication that you should charge yo

I'm trying to start a session but I see a glowing white light on my Wave 2?

If you're trying to start warming or cooling with your Wave 2 and you see a glowing white light instead of an orange light (for warming) or a blue light (for cooling), there are a couple of things to check:

Why does my Wave 2 say it's too warm to start?

Sometimes the app will tell you your Wave is too warm to cool. When that happens, we recommend letting it rest a bit before trying to cool again. Much like when your phone overheats, you’ll receive a notification that the device will not start until

Why does my Wave 2 say it's too cold to start?

Under certain circumstances, there may be times when your Wave 2 will initially be too cold to use. Moments like these are often caused by the device being stored at lower than usual temperatures or being worn for a prolonged amount of time in cold t

My Wave 2 is too hot or too cold to charge?

Your Wave 2 can’t charge if it gets extremely hot or cold. The app will be able to tell you that your Wave isn’t able to charge, but it won’t be able to tell you if it’s because the device is too hot or too cold. Luckily, your body is already equippe

Why isn’t the Wave 2 app letting me swap my warming and cooling presets?

When you reassign your Wave 2’s presets, you can choose to have both buttons be cooling, both be warming, or have one button be cooling and one be warming. If you want to have one cooling preset and one warming preset, cooling must be assigned to the

Why can’t I adjust the Wave 2 app when I’m offline?

Much like other apps on your phone, certain app features and functions require an internet connection! If you don’t have wifi or cellular coverage, you won’t be able to do things like:. (You can still start or stop sessions and adjust your temperatur