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My Wave 2 is too hot or too cold to charge?Updated a year ago

Your Wave 2 can’t charge if it gets extremely hot or cold. The app will be able to tell you that your Wave isn’t able to charge, but it won’t be able to tell you if it’s because the device is too hot or too cold. Luckily, your body is already equipped with the sensors you need to make this determination (e.g., your fingers)!

  • If your Wave 2 feels hot, set it in a cool, dry place for a few minutes.
  • If your Wave 2 feels cold, warm it against your skin for a few minutes.

Once your Wave is closer to room temperature, place it on the charger again and check for the green charging light.

The center light will glow green while charging is in progress, and then it will turn solid green when the charge is complete, which usually takes about 2 hours.


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