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The green lights go out during charging / there are no green lights when I plug in my Wave 1Updated a year ago

In some cases, the green charging lights may go off (or fail to come on) even though your Embr Wave is charging properly! This may be due to a communication error between the indicator lights and USB port you are using.
We released a fix for this issue on April 17, 2019 (firmware version 35). If you're experiencing this issue and haven't updated your device since that date, open the Embr Wave app on your phone. The update should start downloading automatically within about 10-20 seconds. If it doesn't start downloading, tap the gear icon to open up Settings, and then tap Firmware.
If your firmware is up to date and you're still experiencing issues, please check on the following: 
  1. The micro USB port may be dirty. Use a cotton swab to gently clean and remove any debris that might have accumulated.
  2. The outlet or USB power source may not be working. Try another power source.
  3. The micro USB cable may be faulty. Try another micro USB cable if you have one for a phone, e-reader, or other device. (If you don't have another cable, they are easily available at most stores for $5-$10.)
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