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Wave 1

Video: How to reset your Wave 1 [2 minutes]

Having problems with your Wave, and none of the troubleshooting steps seem to work? One thing you can try is doing a factory reset of your Wave. This 2-minute video shows you how. (Note: This video shows an older version of the app. While the app loo

I just got the firmware update, and now my Wave 1 is going into standby (half blue/half red lights) whenever I try to use it!

If you're trying to start a warming or cooling session on your Wave and find that the session stops prematurely and returns to standby (half blue/half red lights), you can now download a fix for this in the App Store! [Note: If you are experiencing t

Why isn't my Wave 1 battery charging?

Initial steps you can take if your Embr Wave doesn't seem to be charging.

My laptop falls asleep when I wear my Wave 1?

Placing a device that contains a magnet under your laptop or on its palm rest might cause your laptop to sleep!. Just avoid letting the magnet on your Wave 1 rest on any sensitive areas and your computer should continue operating normally. You can al

My Wave 1 battery life seems really short.

Here are some steps you can take if you feel like your Embr Wave's battery life is unusually short. If these factors don't affect what you're seeing with your battery, the next thing to try would be to reset your Wave. You can find instructions and f

How can my Wave 1 be out of battery if I haven't been using it?

Great question!. Your Wave's battery will continue to drain—very slowly—even when it's turned off, much like any rechargeable device. This is because there are electronics that use a small amount of energy (to monitor temperature data, wait for butto

The green lights go out during charging / there are no green lights when I plug in my Wave 1

In some cases, the green charging lights may go off (or fail to come on) even though your Embr Wave is charging properly! This may be due to a communication error between the indicator lights and USB port you are using.   We released a fix for this i