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Video: How to reset your Wave 2Updated a year ago

Are you having an problems with your Wave 2 that troubleshooting hasn't been able to help? You can try resetting your Wave back to the original factory settings. Take a look at this quick video or follow the steps below:

PLEASE NOTE: If you reset your Wave 2, you will need to reconfigure any device settings like lights options or button presets. You will not lose any saved sessions or synced usage data since those are all saved in your app account, not the Wave itself.:

  1. Press your Wave’s blank button and wait for 2 seconds. The white LED will show up to indicate the device is ready to use. (Continue with the next steps even if you aren't seeing a light.)

  2. Open the Embr Wave 2 app and go to Settings > Add/Remove Device. 

  3. If you see the Remove Device button, tap it to disconnect your Wave. If you don’t see the Remove Device button, move on to the next step.

  4. Force-close the Wave 2 app. (Here's how to force-quit an app on iOS and on Android.)

  5. Then go to your phone's (not the app's) Settings > Bluetooth (or Connected Devices) and forget any instances of Wave 2. (Here's how to forget devices for iOS and Android.) 

  6. Still in your phone’s Settings, toggle Bluetooth by turning it off and then turning it back on.

  7. Press and hold your Wave’s blank button for 11 seconds, until you see a brief purple light. (If you’ve been having problems charging, you may not see a light until after step 8, below).

  8. Let the blank button go. All LEDs on the device should turn off automatically.

  9. Press the blank button again. (Don't hold it down, just press once.)

  10. Reopen the Wave 2 app and go to Settings > Add/Remove Device.

  11. Follow the onscreen instructions to reconnect your Wave to the app.

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