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What sensitive data is collected when I use the Embr Wave? If I choose not to share my sensitive data, how does that impact my use of Embr Wave?Updated a year ago

Embr respects and protects your privacy, and your decision on what data you feel comfortable sharing with us. You can change your mind at any time, and update your choices under Settings > My Profile > Data Privacy, submitting a support email via the mobile app, or by contacting us at embrlabs.com/contact and selecting Data Privacy in the What Can We Help With section.

The sensitive data collected about you when you use Embr Wave is collected to improve your experience, and is limited to two things:

  1. The ‘Needs’ that you choose when setting up your account for the Embr Wave mobile app. 

The benefit of selecting one or more needs during account setup, and permitting Embr Wave to collect your sensitive Needs data, is that the mobile app will recommend the best sessions for you to try that have been designed specifically for your expressed Needs. In addition, you will also be able to view your Embr Wave usage by Need in the Learn dashboard. 

If, when you're setting up your app and would prefer not to enter a specific Need, you always have the option to select “Other” and are not required to tell us more when you make that selection.  

If you decide to opt out of sharing your sensitive data, your Embr Wave device will work just fine. However you will have to browse our menu of session types to find those that work best for you. And you will not be able to view your usage data by Need, as all your data will be added together under “All’ use.

  1. Your skin’s surface temperature as measured by a temperature sensor closest to your skin in your Embr Wave device. 

Your surface skin temperature readings are taken when you're actively using the device for cooling and warming. These readings are key to managing the thermal sensations you experience when using your Embr Wave.

If you do not permit collection of your sensitive data, your Embr Wave device will work just fine as these readings will still be taken at the moment of use, but they will not be collected or stored as data about you.

The benefit of permitting collection of skin temperature data is that it allows Embr to understand and improve the thermal performance of Embr Wave - improvements that benefit you and all of our customers! This information is also helpful in supporting you when you have any issues with your Embr Wave device.

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