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When should I not be using Embr Wave? What situations is Embr Wave best for?Updated 10 months ago

Embr Wave is optimized to provide relief for those who experience thermal discomfort in moderate environmentsThat makes it perfect for things like:
🚖 Feeling cool in a stuffy taxi
🏢 Warming up in a chilly office
🔥 Calming down a hot flash 
🛌 Staying comfy cool (or snuggly warm) all night long
🎬 Surviving a sudden cold spell in a movie theater
🧘‍♀️ Chilling out during moments of stress
Embr Wave isn't designed for situations like:
🏖️ Cooling while sitting in the sun at the beach
🏊 Swimming or showering
🏋️ During a workout
♨️ Feeling ice-cold during a heat wave
⛄ Feeling toasty-warm in the Arctic
🌴 Treacherous rainforest expeditions
Embr Wave won't replace air conditioning in the summer or warm clothes in the winter, and it won't make you feel like you stepped into a freezer on a 90-degree day.
That said, many users still find Embr Wave somewhat helpful under more extreme conditions (except still not underwater!)—it just may not feel as effective as it would otherwise. 
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