How do refunds work with Affirm?

If a customer wants to receive a refund on their purchase, they must contact the merchant directly.

Returns are always subject to the merchant’s policy.

After the merchant completes processing a refund, Affirm will credit the individual's loan balance for the amount of the refund within 3–5 business days. The customer will still be responsible for paying any remaining balance on their loan after the refund, including if the merchant subtracts shipping or restocking charges from their refund or issues the refund through store credit or cash.

If the merchant completes processing a full refund before the person has made any loan payments, the customer will no longer need to repay their Affirm loan. Any payments already made will be refunded to the individual's original form of payment, less any accrued interest, within 3–10 business days.

If a person receives a partial refund, they may have a lower final payment, fewer payments overall, or both, depending on the amount of the partial refund and how many payments are left in their payment schedule. Affirm will not, however, adjust every monthly payment based on the new loan balance after a partial refund is made. They can review the details of their refund by signing in to their Affirm account at

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