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Mobile App: General

Where can I download the Embr Wave 1 and Embr Wave 2 apps?

Embr Wave apps are available for iOS and Android users! Download the app for your device in the App Store (for iOS devices) or the Google Play Store (for Android devices):

Do I always need to be paired to the app or have my phone nearby when I'm using my Wave?

You only need to be connected to the app while you're actively using and interacting with the app. You do not have to keep the app open or stay connected to your phone while a cooling or warming session is in progress. You do not need to be connected

Can I use the Embr Wave app in airplane mode or if I'm not connected to wifi?

Yes! (If you've updated the Embr Wave app since May 9. 2019, that is.). As long as you are logged in to the app ahead of time, you can use the app in airplane mode. After downloading the app and getting set up for the first time, you will only be log

Can I get the Embr Wave app on my Windows Tablet/Laptop?

Which devices are compatible with the Embr Wave app?. At the moment, the app is compatible with iOS (iPhone 5 and higher), iPod Touch, iPad, and Android (6.0 or above).