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I'm not feeling cooler/warmer. Tips to try if you think your Wave 2 isn't feeling effective.Updated 4 months ago

Many of our users tell us it can take a few days or even weeks before their bodies get used to the Wave, and that the Wave becomes more effective over time the more they use it! If you're starting out with your Wave and don't feel like it's helping you, here some things to try:

  • Are you wearing the Wave on the inside of your wrist? The inside of your wrist is much more sensitive to temperature compared to the outside, so your Wave will be more effective if you wear it there instead of the outside of your wrist like a watch.
  • Have you tried moving it to your other wrist? Some people find that one wrist is noticeably more sensitive to temperature compared to the other, so this small change could make a big difference!
  • Have you tried moving it to different spots on your inner wrist and forearm? Your hot and cold thermoreceptors aren't evenly distributed under the skin, so it may take a little trial and error to find the "sweet spot" where the sensations feel best. There may be one spot that's not as sensitive to cooling compared to another spot that's just half an inch over. Try moving it up and down, left and right, on your inner forearm to see if feels different.
  • Are you using the latest version of the firmware and app? We're continually releasing improvements and feature updates that you can get through the app, so we always recommend using the latest versions of both the app and firmware. Here's how to check.
  • Have you tried different session types? In the Explore Sessions section of the app, you can browse sessions that are categorized for Comfort, Hot Flashes, Stress, and Sleep. We designed these based on user feedback, but that doesn't mean you have to follow the categories exactly! You might find you prefer to have an All Night session running throughout the day, or a Stress session might be better for your hot flashes. Experiment to see what you like.
  • Have you tried adjusting the session durations? All sessions have different duration options, and they can also change the way the sensations feel. Shorter sessions tend to feel a bit more intense, with shorter but more rapid pulses of warming or cooling. Longer sessions tend to feel more relaxed, with gentler but more sustained pulses of warming or cooling. Some people will find short sessions work better, and others will find long sessions do the trick.
  • Have you adjusted the temperature level? During a session, you can always make things cooler by pressing the dotted button or warmer by pressing the blank button. There are 9 total levels of adjustment. Pressing the button once will move you up or down one level. You can also link a temperature level when you edit and save a session if you want your Wave to be set at a certain level every time.
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